Sumico Net Portfolio: Journey to the East Website Make Over

Journey to the East offers small group tours to Japan.  

Sumico Net was asked to alter the web layout.  We made changes under the condition of limited access to the files and ristrictions.

We made the logo smaller to be more balanced, add the tagline and telephone number at the top, and made a background to be white to make the page brighter.

The client wanted to display 4 seasons tours on the home page. We came up with an idea of assigning a theme colour for each season - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Home page: (The image on left is original one, middle one is after the make over)

Journeys Page (The image on right is after the make over)

Sumico Net designed Journey to the East logo, business card and a brochure. After the make over, the branding look more consistent. 

Visit Journey to the East Website.


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